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New Progress in Cardiovascular Disease Research Group

2019年12月04日 Source:

The cardiovascular disease research group has made a breakthrough in the study of the pathological mechanism of salt-sensitive hypertension and found that low-dose aspirin can reduce vascular endothelial injury, improve vascular function, reduce blood pressure and, most importantly, alleviate target organ injury by inhibiting the inflammatory response induced by platelet activation. It provides an important theoretical basis for the prevention and treatment of salt sensitive hypertension and its target organ injury. Xiaoliang Jiang, Xue Liu, Xing, Liu, et. al Low-dose Aspirin Treatment Attenuates Male Rat Salt - Sensitive Hypertension via Platelet COX - 1 and Complement Cascade Pathway. JAHA. DOI: 10.1161 / JAHA. 119.013470 JAHA, this research achievement has been accepted by the international famous magazine JAHA.