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Established in 1980, Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences is a state-level comprehensive research institution integrating scientific research, teaching, production and comparative medical technology service of laboratory animal sciences. Institute has initially formed the laboratory animal resources, genetic engineering animal models, animal models of human diseases, such as domestic first-class resources reserve and pathological analysis, image analysis and behavior analysis, experimental research of infectious diseases, comparative medical technology exchange and vocational and technical training on the basis of resource sharing and service system, to provide strong support for life science research in China.


The key Laboratory of Comparative Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Institute is a laboratory with the establishment of animal models of human diseases and comparative medical analysis as its main research direction. It is a level 3 animal biosafety laboratory with the advanced level in China. With highly trained biosafety laboratory operators, the institute's models of HIV, SIV and SARS have become a shared model resource around the world. The institute now has several scientific and technological service platforms, including laboratory animal quality testing center, drug safety evaluation center, human disease model center, animal resource center, etc., which have formed the characteristics of the institute and improved the competitiveness of the institute at home and abroad.


One of the main research directions of the institute is to carry out research on the construction of experimental animal resources and quality assurance system. A technical platform for the quality assurance of experimental animals has been established, of which the main task is to conduct research on the standards and quality assurance system of laboratory animals and provide technical services for the quality inspection of experimental animals. It has undertaken more than ten research projects on the standardization and quality assurance system of national experimental animals, and is one of the main departments drafting the national standards for laboratory animals. In 1994, it passed metrological certification and obtained 56 test items certification. With the continuous development of testing work and the continuous expansion of business, the quality management level of the technical platform for quality assurance of laboratory animals has been improved comprehensively. In 2003, institute passed the national testing laboratory conformity assessment and qualification accreditation (CNAS and CMA) "two-in-one" review, with 9 categories and 12 items of recognition projects, and can provide testing technology and services regulated by standard of the state, including laboratory animal genetics, viruses, bacteria, parasites, pathology, facility environment, feed and clean room, residential environment. The services scope covers nearly 30 provinces and autonomous regions, providing the guarantee for the quality of laboratory animals for international mutual recognition of medical research in our country.


The institute has a high-quality life science research team with complete discipline construction, reasonable talent team structure, rigorous academic style, full of vitality and innovative spirit. There are 32 senior professional titles, and young backbone personnel under the age of 45 account for 70% of the total number of scientific and technological personnel. We have introduced 18 professionals from home and abroad.