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>>The Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences
The Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences (CALAS) was founded in 1987, and is a scientific society formed by the scientists and technologists specialized in laboratory animal science and with the aim to promote academic exchanges. It is also one of societies under China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).
CALAS sponsors and organizes various conferences and seminars to promote academic exchanges for scientists in different regions of China. It has played an important role in the applications of laboratory animal science to national economical constructions, the developments of various branches of laboratory animal science, educations and enlisting talents in the field of laboratory animal science. By sponsor many programs, CALAS has promoted the development of laboratory animal science and make it popular in every region of China.
There are two academic journals published under the direct sponsorship of CALAS, which are ¡°Chinese Journal of Comparative Medicine¡± and "ACTA LABORATORIUM ANIMALIS SCIENTIA SINICA¡±.